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Sity is a New York City centric global community

Invito Sity 6 Marzo 1

Innovation in City Agencies: What can Crises Management Teach Us for Normal Times. The Case of New York City.


Join us for an interactive discussion featuring the Columbia University video case study Smarter NYC: How Cities Agencies Innovate in a Time of Crisis (trailer), with André Corrêa d’Almeida, [title], Minerva Tantoco [title] and the first CTO of NYC, moderated by Gianluca Galletto, Co-Founder and Chair, Sity.

We will explore the evolution of NYC’s massive administration and its response to the pandemic. The deeper question is how are cities adapting to, coping with, innovating in, any type of more frequent crises, whether natural or man-made. For example, why can’t the sense of urgency for innovation, so critical to cope with crises, be “normalized” for all times and speed up policy/program adoption, for example, to fight inequality?

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